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passport and visa
What is the difference between a U Visa and a T Visa?
The U visa and T visa are visas designed to protect and support victims of crimes, but they differ in terms of the qualifying crimes […]
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young business woman with passport filling visa application form
Who is eligible for T visa?
A T visa is a nonimmigrant visa granted to individuals who are victims of human trafficking.  It is designed to protect and support victims by […]
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american woman consular officer giving passport to male immigrant
Who qualifies for a U Visa?
The U visa is a nonimmigrant visa category available to victims of certain qualifying crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful […]
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form N-648 medical certification for disability exceptions
Disabilities and N648
What kind of disabilities qualify for the waiver citizenship exam? The specific disabilities that may qualify for a waiver of the citizenship exam are determined […]
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close-up of psychologist comforting his depressed patient
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Mental Health 
Immigration psychological evaluations play a crucial role in documenting mental health conditions and emotional states of individuals seeking immigration status.  For example, asylum and VAWA […]
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an elderly patient with high blood pressure goes to hospital for medical examination
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Medical Conditions
Immigration psychological evaluations serve as important tools for documenting medical conditions in the context of immigration processes. While these evaluations primarily focus on psychological well-being, […]
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writing notes, making video call
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Effects of Relocation
What to expect for immigration psychological evaluation? An immigration psychological evaluation is not a therapy session.  An immigration psychological evaluation is a process that includes […]
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woman is acting like fear and raising palm,stop violence against woman
VAWA: Emotional Adjustment
Does VAWA cover emotional abuse? VAWA, or the Violence Against Women Act, is a comprehensive legislation enacted in the United States to address and combat […]
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businessman and lawyer or counselor consulting and discussing contract papers at law firm in office
Cancellation of Removal PART 2
What is a cancellation of removal? Cancellation of removal is also known as cancellation of deportation.  Cancellation of removal is an adjustment of immigration status.  […]
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