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Do I need an Immigration Psychology Evaluation?
Embarking on the journey of immigration to Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, and other states often involves a series of evaluations and assessments, one of which […]
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man sitting on the couch at the psychologist, emotionally speaking, discussing with psychotherapist his troubles
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Financial Difficulties
Immigration can be a long and difficult process, even for those doing everything right. But when serious obstacles arise, it can feel impossible. The stress […]
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Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Social Structure  
Immigration can be an incredibly disruptive and destabilizing experience. Even if the move is motivated by positive factors like better opportunities, individuals leaving their home […]
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female psychologist working with handicapped adolescent in wheelchair at office
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Impaired Work
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Impaired Work In Georgia, the need for immigration psychological evaluations is critical in understanding the emotional and psychological challenges faced by immigrants. […]
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doctor visited the patient at home while using the tablet explaining the patient condition and the treatment result
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Medical Conditions
A crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of the immigration journey is the psychological evaluation for immigration purposes, especially when medical and/or psychological conditions are involved. […]
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Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Mental Health
Immigration is more than moving from one place to another as it also involves significant emotional and psychological changes. In this context, mental health evaluations, […]
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Impairment Requirements: What Are the Hinders?
Impairment Requirements: What Are the Hinders? The United States immigration law considers disability or impairment under specific contexts. Recognizing how these conditions intersect with U.S. […]
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psychiatrist man talking with hypnotized male patient
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Effects of Relocation
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Effects of Relocation Relocation is a profound life change that can have a significant psychological impact. Immigrants often face a complex mixture […]
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disability immigration
Impairment or Disability Psychological Immigration Evaluations
When it comes to immigration evaluations, the focus is on objectively assessing an individual’s mental and emotional state to understand how it might affect their […]
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