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Impairment Requirements: What Are the Hinders?
Impairment Requirements: What Are the Hinders? The United States immigration law considers disability or impairment under specific contexts. Recognizing how these conditions intersect with U.S. […]
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Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Effects of Relocation
Immigration Psychology Evaluations: Effects of Relocation Relocation is a profound life change that can have a significant psychological impact. Immigrants often face a complex mixture […]
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Impairment or Disability Psychological Immigration Evaluations
When it comes to immigration evaluations, the focus is on objectively assessing an individual’s mental and emotional state to understand how it might affect their […]
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Do All Immigrants Need an Immigration Evaluation?
Immigration procedures in the United States often involve a complex interplay of legal and personal factors. Among these, immigration evaluations have emerged as a crucial […]
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“Particular Social Group” (PSG) – Assessing the Negative Impact of Persecution in a Foreign Country
 Particular Social Group (PSG) stands as one of the principal pillars upon which asylum claims can be grounded. This designation is pivotal for those seeking […]
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Immigration cases
Can a Psychological Evaluation Be Expedited?
In the intricate process of immigration, psychological evaluations play a crucial role, particularly when they are used to supplement hardship waivers, asylum applications, U Visa, […]
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Citizenship Examination Waiver Exemption From Citizenship Exam
Embarking on the journey toward U.S. citizenship is an arduous process that demands time, effort, and mental sharpness. For some individuals, however, undergoing the standard […]
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How an Immigration Psychology Evaluation Can Help Determine How Deportation Can Impact Psychological Health
The process of deportation has long-lasting, often detrimental, effects on an individual’s psychological well-being. The likelihood of facing deportation proceedings is becoming an ever-present concern […]
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young migrant or victim of terrorism with glass of water listening to advice of social worker in center of support
What Documents and Information Should I Bring to My Immigration Psychology Evaluation?
The complexity of the immigration process in the United States is undoubtedly stressful. One key step for many applicants is undergoing an immigration psychology evaluation. […]
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