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businessman and lawyer or counselor consulting and discussing contract papers at law firm in officeWhat is a cancellation of removal?

Cancellation of removal is also known as cancellation of deportation.  Cancellation of removal is an adjustment of immigration status.  This adjustment is for individuals who have resided in the United States for years.

What is extreme hardship for cancellation of removal?

In cancellation of removal cases and other immigration waiver cases, the foreigner and/or his family are required to show that removal will result in extreme hardship or would result in exceptional and extremely unusual hardships.  In other words, extreme hardships and exception and extremely unusual hardships are standards that have to be proven to get the relief the foreigner is requesting.

The immigration attorney familiar with your case will know whether your have to show extreme hardship or exceptional and extremely unusual hardship.  When recommended by your immigration attorney, an immigration psychologist is retained to evaluate the psychological and medical hardships that the foreigner and their family may experience.  The immigration psychologist is a doctor in psychology licensed in the state where you are located at the time of the interview.  The immigration psychologist must be familiar with the different types of medical and psychological hardships and how to document them.  After the immigration psychologist has conducted the evaluation, the report is provided to the immigration attorney for review.

How do immigration psychologists and immigration attorneys work together?

Immigration psychologists and Immigration Attorneys have a working relationship that must protect the independence of opinion and the objectivity of each professional.

Immigration psychologists must understand rules of admissibility to determine whether the testing and procedures used are valid and reliable enough to stand the scrutiny of the court and other experts.  Immigration psychologists must understand how to provide testimony as required by the case.

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