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Psychological Abuse and Physical AbuseImmigration psychological evaluations for VAWA examine the consequences of psychological and physical abuse.

Psychological abuse and physical abuse can have long-term emotional and physical health effects. Domestic violence (DV) has been linked to negative long-term health consequences for survivors, even after the abuse has ended.

Immigration psychological evaluations document the effects of domestic violence on men and women.

What are some of the consequences of psychological abuse or physical abuse in domestic violence cases?

Immigration psychological evaluations for VAWA cases are performed on men and women.  The men and women filing VAWA cases undergo clinical interviews and testing during the psychological evaluation.

Consistent with mental health research, immigration psychological evaluations often find that men and women who have been battered or psychologically abused can develop clinical depression, anxiety or posttraumatic stress disorder.

Abused men and women have a higher prevalence of central nervous system and stress-related problems such as headaches, back pain, fainting, and seizures.  Women who have experienced both sexual and physical abuse being the most likely to report these problems.  Battered women also exhibit more signs, symptoms, and illnesses associated with chronic fear and stress, such as functional gastrointestinal disorders and appetite loss, viral infections, and cardiac problems.

How do immigration psychologists and immigration attorneys work together?

Immigration psychologists and Immigration Attorneys have a working relationship that must protect the independence of opinion and the objectivity of each professional.

Immigration psychologists must understand rules of admissibility to determine whether the testing and procedures used are valid and reliable enough to stand the scrutiny of the court and other experts.  Immigration psychologists must understand how to provide testimony as required by the case.

How can I contact an immigration psychologist?

Immigration Psychology, Inc. has Florida immigration psychologists, North Carolina immigration psychologists, South Carolina immigration psychologists, and experts in other states.

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