A hardship waiver is a legal provision within U.S. immigration law that allows certain foreign nationals to apply when a qualifying relative faces extreme hardship. The waiver aims to alleviate the undue emotional, medical, or financial burden that could fall upon the qualifying relative if they were to be separated from the foreign national or required to move abroad. Rigorously documented by immigration psychology evaluations in North Carolina and other evidentiary materials, the extent of severity of the hardship can lead to the granting of immigration benefits.

At North Carolina Immigration Psychology, our comprehensive psychological evaluations for hardship waivers delve into the complexities surrounding the challenges these qualifying relatives might encounter. Our evaluations are meticulous in identifying and documenting various forms of hardships that a qualifying relative could face.

These hardships are not limited to mental health issues. They also extend to medical complications that could interfere with a person’s ability to work or function socially, as well as financial impediments.

We adhere strictly to the legal guidelines set forth by case-law and relevant legal standards in order to categorize hardships across a broad spectrum. These categories can range from financial concerns and housing stability to medical necessities and academic impediments. In more extreme cases, they might even include the risk of suicide or perilous conditions in the foreign country.

Our North Carolina immigration psychology evaluations include an extensive assessment of abuse and trauma. These are significant risk factors that can contribute to emotional hardship and are instrumental in establishing the severity and enduring nature of any mental health issues. Furthermore, a documented history of trauma or pre-existing mental health conditions can show that the individual’s vulnerabilities are not merely circumstantial but have a deeper pre-existing origin. 

Our psychological evaluations in North Carolina offer a holistic view of the hardships that a qualifying relative may experience. This comprehensive analysis serves as an indispensable tool for building a compelling case for a hardship waiver. If you or your family are navigating the complexities of immigration law and require a psychological evaluation, do not hesitate. Contact us today for a consultation.