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US immigration application and consular visa interviewImmigration psychological evaluations are conducted by licensed mental health professionals who specialized in this field.  To conduct the immigration psychological evaluation it is necessary to have expertise in mental health assessment as well as working knowledge of the legal issues concerning an individual case.

The evaluation process is designed to match the needs of an individual case, but it typically involves a clinical interview and psychological testing meant to address the psycho-legal issues concerning a case.

Let’s look at some things that will be covered in an immigration evaluation.

Does It Include an assessment of post-traumatic stress and other difficulties?

The immigration psychological evaluation includes an assessment of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Post-traumatic stress is likely to impair occupational and interpersonal functioning.    In addition, it is likely to impair the ability to cope with and adjust to major stressors.

Does It Include Previous Mental Health Issues?

The immigration psychological evaluation includes a review of previous mental health records as well as an exploration of previous symptoms and conditions.  The evaluation will incorporate the client’s entire history of formulate a comprehensive report.

Does It Include Current Mental Health Issues?

All evaluations will document any current mental health concerns the client is experiencing. You and, if possible, close members of your family will be interviewed in order to understand your psychological background and how you presently function.

Does It Include Recommendations for the Future?

The psychological evaluation does include treatment recommendations for the person who is being evaluated.

Immigration Psychology Evaluations in Texas

You might have searched already for – “immigration psychological evaluation near me.” It is known that cases with an immigration evaluation have an approval rate of almost 90%.

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