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Citizenship Examination waiver or N-648 is a medical certification for disability exemption. The N-648 is also known as an application for exemption from the citizenship test. Part 1
Individuals who suffer some types of medical or mental health disabilities may seek exemption for the English and Civics requirements for naturalization. Psychological evaluations are […]
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silhouette profiles of multiracial people
WHAT IS IMMIGRATION PSYCHOLOGY? Immigration psychology is a subfield of psychology that focuses on the psychological experiences of immigrants and their families as they navigate […]
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silhouette of refugees people with luggage walking in a row
What Is the Immigration Psychology Process?
Navigating the United States immigration system can be tricky. This blog post will cover the basics of immigration psychological services. Call North Carolina’s Immigration Psychology […]
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US immigration application and consular visa interview
What Does an Immigration Evaluation Cover?
Immigration psychological evaluations are conducted by licensed mental health professionals who specialized in this field.  To conduct the immigration psychological evaluation it is necessary to […]
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consular officer of USA holding passport of female immigrant, citizenship visa
What Types of Immigration Evaluations Are Available?
Immigration psychological evaluations are used during immigration proceedings.  These evaluations are conducted by specialists in immigration psychology who understand both psychological issues and immigration-related matters.  […]
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